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Welcome to Girl's Club 2008! Every year, I, Audrey, create a Girl's Club on a different free site creator in June. This year, I obviously chose Weebly. Remember, this is for GIRLS ONLY so if you're a boy, please leave. If you want to be a member, go to our member sign-up page. When you become a member, you will receive club points based on activeness, contests, politeness, and sincerity.  If you redeem enough points, you can receive items. If you get 150 points, you become a secondary moderator. If you receive 450 points, you will get a place as first moderator. If you earn 800 points (which I doubt will happen) you become a Junior Assistant. If you get 1,000 points, you become Assistant. If I think you apply, Junior Assistants may become Assistants. If you advertise, help, donate to or commute this site in any way, you will have a chance to become co-owner.  If you want me to add your blog, contact me at Please don't send me spam or viruses or anything like that. Please enjoy your stay and thank you for coming! If you're looking for a cool online community for girls, check out If you're looking for me, my username is Soccer_Freak_2008. Please enjoy your stay and thank you for coming!